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Month: July 2018

Maldives: an instagram-worthy country!

Are you looking for a good place for your instagram gallery? Ever thought of coming to Maldives? Maldives is a small country located somewhere in the middle of Indian Ocean. It is known to be the lowest or flattest country Read more…

Santorini, GREECE

Schengen Visa Approved in One Day!

(I started writing this when my visa was still on process, thank goodness I’ve got my visa or else this blog is gonna go to waste lol) It has been my long time dream to go to Europe, who doesn’t? This Read more…

A Guide on How to Travel More and Spend Less

Are you dreaming of traveling somewhere but with a limited budget? A student on the road and saved only few bucks? A retired person but wanted to see the world? Or just a simple nomad with an itchy feet?! Traveling Read more…