Take me to never, never land..

Surviving island life— in Maldives

Looking back on my post three years ago (2015), it was only a dream to have a holiday in Maldives. And two years ago (2016) I’ve made my dream come true.

I went to visit Maldives, their fine white sand, and clear water ocean still amazes me until now. It was a visit that only lasted 4 days. I remember the color of my skin going back to work, I’ve turned into the darkest color I’ve ever had. I stayed under the sun for hours, closing my eyes and just listening to the wave’s music. Not even a bit that I did care about getting sun burn, thank you sunblock for the UV protection.

A year ago, I decided to leave my previous job in Dubai and tried my luck in Vietnam (one of my favorite countries). To my surprise, I got a call from Maldives instead. As I’m about to finish my last days, I started getting butterflies in my stomach, full of excitement to work and live in a beautiful island. Who would have thought I’d be able to work in my dream holiday country?

Living in Maldives is extra ordinary. Their “city” is not the city that you’re trying to imagine (New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Bangkok, name it). Transfers from island to island is not possible anytime. If the sea gets rough, forget about your transfer, not unless you’re willing to swim? Oh you mean fly? Yes we can, just get your dollars ready. Everything is expensive including taxes as they only have a limited resources, most of the things are imported from different countries.

But how do you survive in an island that is 4-5 hours by speedboat from the capital city or a 45 minutes seaplane?

My normal off day is waking up, getting a breakfast or most of the time, not really. Starve yourself just in case you don’t want the food being served. Stuff your laundry, sleep more. You have more time? Watch a movie that was saved from your hard drive long time ago, watch that Netflix offline movie you downloaded using the company’s wifi or read a book. You wanna shop? Rent a speedboat or take a staff ferry that goes to the next local island. Buy something that is not necessary because you couldn’t find what you really need. Take few days off, book a seaplane or domestic flight and go to Male, spend half of the day trying to find an original make up brand or perfume, sometimes you’ll be lucky to find one. Rip your pocket paying for hotel, food and shopping that are only good for 2 days or less. One last option? Save your off, save your money, focus on your work, get a long holiday in the future and throw those money away!!

Fast forward to today, here I am turning 2 years next year in Maldives. Enjoying every island I get to see, minus the plastic bottles and other rubbish that irresponsible people have left. Dreaming of touring around different local islands and of course, the dream of all dream is to be able to stay in Soneva Jani.

No, this is not Soneva Jani 🤣


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