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Travel Related FAQs

The easiest way to answer the questions that I’ve been getting over and over again…and an additional questions that I’ve gathered from my recent game in my travel page On The Road Again

1.) Do you book promotional airfares?

⁃ I usually don’t. When I book my flights, I have to consider my annual leave or holiday approval, so I don’t just book any tickets when they have promotion. I always make sure first that I am really going before booking anything.

2.) window or aisle seat?

⁃ I used to like window seats, but because I frequently go to the toilet I changed to aisle seats. It’s more convenient for me and to the person who’s sitting beside me.

3.) Checked in or hand carry?

⁃ Definitely hand carry! Okay, that means only light packing, but that also saves you soooo much time for checking in and getting out of the plane. No queue needed for check in, no need to wait for the baggage claim, and one way to avoid lost baggage!

4.) The most challenging part traveling alone as a woman?

⁃ Safety. Traveling solo as a woman is more prone to harassment and scams, that’s the worst truth.

5.) What are your must haves when traveling?

⁃ other than my basic necessities, I always travel with cardigan or jacket for airports and planes, book to read, portable speaker, adapter and power bank.

6.) How do you find courage to travel alone?

⁃ Think of the places or the things you wanna do that excites you the most— that will be your key for “f**k it i am going!” attitude.

7.) Do you book travel packages?

⁃ No, never. I used to travel from tour packages back when I was in college and I never enjoyed it. They would squeeze everything in the itinerary and gives us small amount of time just for the picture and only for the sake that we went there.

8.) How to overcome anxiety when traveling to new places?

⁃ Look at the brighter side of life, if things didn’t happen the way you want it to be..then charge it to experience— or as we say, lesson learned.

9.) Where do you book your flights?

⁃ I have already mentioned this before. I always check the flights through kayak.com or cheapflights. I will compare the flights and book the ticket directly to the airline.

10.) How to save money for travel?

⁃ Change your lifestyle.

11.) asian squat toilet or western sit toilet?

⁃ Not a fan of asian squat toilet, I find it very old and hard to use.

12.) Least favorite or worst experience while traveling?

⁃ It’s when I lost my baggage when I missed my connecting flight from Istanbul to Male. It took them ages to send my bag back.

13.) How to survive with few pairs of clothes?

⁃ it’s not actually few especially if you’re gonna pack the clothes with light fabric. You’d be able to fit so much in a backpack or in your hand carry. If it’s still few, one way to survive is frequently wash your clothes (laundromat or in a sink) and take clothes that you can do mix and match.

14.) How does it feel like to write about your travels?

⁃ It’s fulfilling to know that there are people who are interested to hear and read your story. It feels good to read what I have written, it brings back the memories clean and clear.

15.) Can traveling find what has been missed?

⁃ It depends on what you’re trying to find and what you’re missing. For me, I found spiritual happiness in traveling that I’ve lost a long time ago.

If you have any travel related questions, feel free to write it in the comment box below!

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